2019-20 Lacrosse Season

The preseason is now behind us and time to start focusing on the beginning of the regular season.  I have a few updates to make you aware of as we move forward.
1.  The Maryland game has been moved to a 3PM start time.
2.  Season Tickets – ticket information has been posted on the University website.  I suggest getting the parking pass in addition to the tickets.  VU Ticket Office
3.  Tailgate Organization – On the parent website, the schedule reflects which class is responsible for each tailgate.  There is a budget of $750 for each tailgate but we’d like to keep the grab and go tailgates under if possible to allow a little more for the other tailgates.  I’ll be in contact with the class tailgate reps to relay specific information about location, timing and coaches requests.  Before each game I’ll send a map with details on parking, tailgate and game locations.
4.  Away Game info – There is a page on the website to accumulate information about away games to help parents with travel plans as well as information to help those responsible for the tailgate planning.  If you have info to share on the site, please send it to me and add it.  This is intended to be a historical collect of info for future reference, not an indication of current or future schedules.
5.  Attendance sheet – please use the attendance sheet to help with the planning of tailgates.  Having an idea of accurate attendance will allow for efficient tailgate planning without much waste.
6.  TV games – The Big East Digital Network will cover some games this year as well as some other networks like LSN and CBSSN.  Details are coming in now but as of now the Drexel, Denver and Georgetown games will be broadcast in addition to the Big East Championships.  I will send more specifics as I get them.  Follow the link above to download the FoxSportsGo app and figure out your authentication with your cable TV provider now so you have it ready to go before you need it.