2019-20 Lacrosse Season

1.  Additional Scrimmage – Tue, 10/9
An additional scrimmage has been added on Tue, 10/9 @4:30PM vs Haverford College at Villanova Stadium.  The team is allowed two scrimmages in the fall so they added this to get some of the guys a few more runs.  Coach asked me to mention it if anyone wanted to come but he said it would be very low key and it is like a practice.  We will not have a parent tailgate but will get some subs for the boys.  If anyone going wants to bring something for the team, some Gatorades and maybe some fruit.  I think the bananas were a big hit this weekend so that would be great.
2.  Photo Dropbox
I’ve modified the Photo Dropbox to add subfolders for each game.  If you have any photos to add, just drag and drop them into there for group sharing.  If you upload to a sharing site, just send me the link and I’ll post that so you don’t need to bother and upload them twice.
3.  Home game Hotel
The Courtyard Marriott in Devon (where we had the meet and greet) has contacted me about extending an invitation for anyone staying over for games or other Villanova events to stay with them.  I told them I would be happy to forward their information to the group if they put together a promotional code for our group.  They are doing that and I’ll get it to you as soon as I get it so you have that before the schedule comes out.
4.  Apparel Order
Our apparel vendor is anxiously awaiting some backordered items from NIke so they can finish our orders.  As soon as they receive the product, they will get our orders processed and shipped.  We will let you know as soon as we get an update on expected timing.