2019-20 Lacrosse Season


There are going to be a few separate items that will be available through different stores.

  1. Belts (2 options)
  2. Headcover for golf club
  3. Apparel


There are two options.  The first one will be ready by Christmas if ordered by 12/4, option 2 will not be ready by Christmas.   On both belts, they recommend ordering a belt 2″ larger than your waist. So if your a 34″ waist order a 36″ belt.

Option 1.
J.T. Spencer belt, this is like many of the Peter Millar belts found in golf clubs, the art is stitched onto the belt, to order please follow this link. If adding a monogram it will replace the last V, monogramming will allow 3 spaces for letters or 2 for a number (monogram +$18). Ex. BRH or 11.
Option 2.
Smathers & Branson belt. This belt is a bit nicer needlepoint but will not be ready for Christmas delivery, they will send something that you can give as a gift prior to receiving. In order to get this belt please email Shaggerty@gmail.com with the number of belts, size, and players number by 12/4. If not adding a number a V will take place of the number, (Monogram +$25). Once we have the number of belts we are ordering they will send us a link with pricing information. As a group 10-$165, 20-$109, 30-$85, 50-$75, and 100+- $71.30 each.

2. Headcovers

If ordered by 12/14, this will be ready by Christmas.

Exclusive Villanova Lacrosse All Leather Driver Headcover

3. Apparel


Anyone who has multiple boys on the team can email Joe.Trezza@lacrosseunlimited.com directly and he will make the arrangement.

Store closes on 12/14/18 and all merchandise ordered will be ready by the first scrimmage.